In the immortal words of The Crazy Russian Hacker, "Safety is number one priority." For those of you that don't know what this means, what we're saying is that at Rivalry we're serious about security, seriously

Writing a blog saying we care about your safety and the safety of your account might seem like a Raptor saying, "I won't eat you, bro, I'm Vegan." Right? What if the Dino-keeper told you that the Raptor can't eat you because he's safely behind iron bars and an electric fence? We know we sure as hell would trust that more. Maybe not if it was a park with a Jurassic name though...


What we mean to say is that even if you don't believe that we genuinely care about your safety, you best believe that we're accountable not only to our regulator but to many other institutions that make sure we are. These institutions exist to ensure we protect you and that we can't sneakily do anything to keep what is rightfully yours from you.

In other words, we are legally bound to pay you if you are a legitimate customer. No wiggle room at all. Read further to understand what this really means.

What we do to make sure that you are as safe as you can be

We conduct extensive KYC

We make sure we're dealing with real people by using some of the best software on the market to conduct what is called, "KYC." A measure that's put in place to protect us, but also to make sure that no one's gone and stolen your details or is trying to impersonate you. KYC stands for, "Know Your Customer," and we use it as one of many tools to try and prevent terrorist funding and any kind of criminal money laundering. 

No underage gambling

Part of KYC is also making sure that everyone, yes you heard me, EVERYONE is at least 18 years of age while playing on our website. No kids allowed at all, ever.

We are legally required to protect your $'s

Do you think we're joking about being legally bound to pay you what's due to you? We are required to make sure that for every $ in your account we have enough funds tucked away in a safe place to cover that balance. We're not joking here, check out more about

We are always watching, not in a creepy way but to keep you safe...

We make use of a team of highly trained individuals that are armed with the best software around to detect any "baddies". Our goal is to make sure that from the moment you log into our website until the moment you leave, and even after, we know what is happening on your account and to your funds. Does this mean they have access to all of your details, not even slightly!

Your data is safely locked up, away from prying eyes

We do not store your most sensitive information at all, we make sure that all of that is handled by globally trusted and renowned firms that we can whip at a moment's notice if we feel something is amiss. Our team can identify issues, but they cannot access your most personal information.

We have to pay you out if you're a legitimate customer

Not only do we need to protect your funds, we also are legally bound to pay you out if you are a legitimate customer. You are completely within your power to question this with our license provider, The Isle of Man Gambling Commission. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and if it's any assurance at all, we would rather be as safe as possible than make a quick buck.


If you’ve skimmed through this article and think what we’re saying is bull, we would like you to take at least one thing from this.

We care.

It’s not some fancy line we say to make you feel better. Behind every action Rivalry takes there are real people who are working their butts off to make gambling as entertaining as it possibly can be, all for you. Words can often mean nothing, but let our actions speak louder than the words you see and you will think back to this and know that not only do we say we care, but for our real customers, we do and will go that extra mile.