The Rarest Skins In Overwatch 2

Since Overwatch 2 transitioned to free-to-play with a monetization model in the shop and Battle Pass, skins have become more valuable than ever. Skins and other cosmetics for your favorite heroes now cost Coins, an in-game currency only purchasable with real money. Gone are the days when free skins could be earned through loot boxes and limited events.

There are now over 700 skins in Overwatch 2, with more being added with every shop rollover and new Battle Pass. Unfortunately for players wanting to look the best on the battlefield and stand out from the crowd, some of the rarest Overwatch skins are no longer obtainable, exclusive to previous Blizzcon events or limited-time challenges.

From Pink Mercy to Blizzcon Bastion, here are some rare skins in Overwatch 2 you're not likely to see on your deathscreen!

Florida Mayhem 2018-19

Overwatch 2's competitive esports scene is flourishing with Overwatch League's comeback and the sale of the OWL skins available for each hero. During the 2018-2019 OWL season, Florida Mayhem was rocking a shocking yellow-red color scheme with an "M" for Mayhem, almost like a walking in-game McDonald's ad.

Due to their resemblance to the fast food chain, few players picked up these skins while they were available. In 2022, Florida Mayhem changed their team's colors to a more fitting neon pink-blue palette, meaning the "McDonald's" Overwatch skins are now rare cosmetics.

Atlantic All-Stars Tracer / Pacific All-Stars Genji

In 2018, the Overwatch League themed its all-star event around the elements - fire for the West and water for the East. Based on this, Blizzard produced the Atlantic All-Stars Tracer and the companion skin, All-Stars Pacific Genji.

These Overwatch League skins could be purchased with 200 OWL tokens (roughly $10-15) during the All-Stars event on August 17 - 27, 2018. They were made available again through the Vault in 2021, for the same price. Thanks to the repeated availability, these All-Stars skins aren't the rarest, but they are still fairly uncommon.

Nano Cola D.Va

Before Overwatch 2, Blizzard often had in-game events for players to earn free rewards and unlockable cosmetics. During these challenges, players simply had to win or complete matches to get their freebies. D.Va's Nano Cola Challenge in 2019 was a promotional event for the "Shooting Star" cinematic and Busan maps, deep-diving into D.Va's mech capabilities and lore.

Nano Cola D.Va was unlocked by completing some simple gameplay challenges. Winning nine games in any mode while the event was active rewarded players with the sweet-but-simple Nano Cola D.Va skin. On their quest to earn Nano Cola D.Va, players could also earn Nano Cola sprays to match. Nano Cola D.Va also made a return in the 2022 Overwatch Anniversary Remix event, so players could get a second chance to snag it.

Medic Brigitte

While some exclusive skins in Overwatch were obtained for free through limited-time gameplay challenges, Medic Brigitte was definitely no freebie. This skin was only available during Blizzard's 2022 "Support a Streamer" event. Players had to gift three subscriptions to any eligible channels streaming the game.

Unsurprisingly, this skin was not well-received as players didn't think it was worth the subtle $20 price tag, making its purchase rates incredibly low and one of the rarest Overwatch skins.

Brick Bastion

One of Bastion's best skins is the collaboration between Overwatch and LEGO back in 2019. It sees everyone's favorite friendly Omnic made up entirely of colorful LEGO blocks, even his bird companion Ganymede, with insane attention-to-detail.

Just like the Nano Cola D.Va skin, LEGO Bastion was unlocked by winning nine games from any playlist - Arcade, Competitive, or Quick Play. Unlike some other event skins on this list though, Brick Bastion hasn't returned to Overwatch 2, likely because it was a collaboration with a brand.

Kerrigan Widowmaker

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of Blizzard's other popular titles, Starcraft, Blizzard Entertainment launched the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin in 2018. Any players familiar with the strategic online game will know this is a clear homage to Sarah Kerrigan, the self-styled Queen of Blades.

To unlock the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin, all players needed to do was log into Overwatch once before the month-long event ended. While players had plenty of time to get this skin, many newer players will have missed their chance, making it one of the rarest Overwatch skins for Widowmaker.


Activision Blizzard loves their crossover events! Raynhardt Reinhardt is another StarCraft-exclusive skin, this time for the game's 30th anniversary. This Reinhardt skin sees the hardy Tank hero assuming the look of Jim Raynor, a classic Starcraft character.

Like the other Blizzcon skins, Raynhardt Reinhardt comes with a hefty price tag of $40, making it one of the most expensive and rarest skins on this list, considering it's no longer available.

Demon Hunter Sombra

Demon Hunter Sombra, inspired by the Diablo III class of the same name, is one of the more aesthetically pleasing skins in Overwatch 2. It was initially only available to those who attended BlizzCon 2018 or bought a virtual ticket.

Luckily for some, Demon Hunter Sombra was made available again with the Halloween Terror in-game weekly challenges. All players needed to do was win nine games in any playlist to add this rare skin to their collection.

Illidan Genji & Tyrande Symmetra

Paying homage to their popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, Blizzard released the popular Illidan Genji and Tyrande Symmettra skins, bringing the popular characters to the hero shooter.

As with other Blizzcon skins, they could only be added to your account if you bought a virtual pass or attended the 2019 convention. The value for Illidan Genji is also skyrocketing, with third-party retailer websites selling accounts holding this Blizzcon skin for over $340!

Blizzcon Bastion

While there are several unique Blizzcon skins on this list, Blizzcon Bastion is plain and simple, decorated in the simplistic blue and silver colors of the Blizzcon logo. While nothing special visually, this Blizzcon skin is sought-after due to its rarity, as it could only be obtained by visiting Blizzcon in 2016 or buying a virtual ticket.

This Bastion skin is even seen on third-party retail websites, selling for $500 and upwards, potentially making it the rarest skin in the game as it has never been made available again!

Pink Mercy

As one of the community's most beloved and sought-after skins, the Pink Mercy skin was only purchasable through Blizzard's 2018 charity event for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and to promote breast cancer awareness. The event totaled $12.7 million as players flocked to see their favorite angelic medic decked out in pink and pigtails.

Despite the event's success and the immense popularity of Pink Mercy, Community Manager AndyB has confirmed on BlizzardForums that the skin will not be making a comeback, cementing the Pink Mercy skin as one of the rarest skins in Overwatch 2. We can only hope Blizzard decides to do another charity skin someday!

Noire Widowmaker

This rare skin is for the OGs out there! The iconic French assassin features again on this list with the Noire Widowmaker skin. This legendary skin was only available for players who pre-ordered the original Overwatch game in 2016, before the free-to-play sequel Overwatch 2 launched.

Only gamers that have been here since day one have the Noire skin, unless they bought their account online. Accounts holding the exclusive skin, Noire Widowmaker, are worth anything from $150 to $350 on eBay!

Alien Zarya

The unique Alien Zarya was a tribute skin to the former Overwatch League player and 2019 MVP, Jay "Sinatraa" Won. It sees Zarya's typical pink hair transformed into flowing tentacles, complete with a black-tie tuxedo and glowing blue eyes.

Due to extreme controversary surrounding the player, Blizzard removed the skin from future patches and offered refunds to players who had purchased it as they no longer wished to support the player or his image. The refund was optional, so the Alien Zarya skin is considered the rarest Overwatch skin in the game due to its extreme exclusivity.

Final Thoughts

Those were just some of the rarest Overwatch skins in the game. If you have any of these skins on your account, consider yourself lucky! While skins don't add any in-game benefits, the SkinToWin ideology should boost your confidence with the ultimate bragging rights.

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