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Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournaments see the top CS:GO talents from around the globe clashing together to emerge the top dog and take home the title and the glory.

The next IEM event on the calendar is IEM Dallas 2023, hosted at Dreamhack Dallas. Events will kick off with a bang on May 29 for a short but action-packed week of intense CS:GO matches, concluding on June 4 with the exciting Grand Final.

Rivalry has got you covered with an overview of IEM Dallas 2023, giving you an insight into the competition's format, where to watch, and all 16 competing teams and their player rosters!

IEM Dallas 2023: Format

The prize pool for IEM Dallas is a whopping $250,000, with the lion's share of $100,000 awarded to the winning team, who also get an automatic qualification to IEM Cologne in July. The IEM Grand Slam award of $1,000,000 is also still available. Are any teams up to the challenge?

Below is the complete format for IEM Dallas 2023, consisting of the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

Group Stage

  • 16 teams compete, split into two double-elimination format groups of eight each.
  • Opening matches will be best-of-one, while all following games are best of three.
  • The top three teams from each group advance to the Playoffs.


  • The Group Stage winners advance to the Semifinals.
  • Group Stage runners-up advance to the Quarterfinals as High Seeds; 3rd-place teams will be the Low Seeds in the Quarterfinals.
  • The Playoffs will feature a single elimination bracket; all matches are best-of-three.

IEM Dallas 2023: Competing Teams

16 teams are competing in IEM Dallas 2023. They are divided into Group A and Group B in the Group Stage. Here are how the teams are looking with their complete player rosters.

Group A

Group A is home to some powerhouse teams in the CS:GO pro scene, as FURIA and Heroic both came within touching distance of the IEM Rio win in March this year. Will they have more success at IEM Dallas?

  • 9Z Team (South American Qualifier) - dgt, max, dav1deuS, buda, try
  • Fnatic (European Qualifier) - mezii, nicoodoz, doeJ, FASHR, f0rest
  • FURIA Esports (ESL Partner Team) - yuurih, arT, KSCERATO, drop, saffee
  • G2 Esports (ESL Partner Team) - huNter-, NiKo, m0NESY, jks, HooXi
  • Heroic (ESL Partner Team) - stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, sjuush, Jabbi
  • MOUZ (ESL World Ranking) - frozen, JDC, xertioN, torzsi, dexter
  • Nouns Esports (North American Qualifier) - cj, MarkE, Bwillis, cynic, nosraC
  • OG (European Qualifier) - regali, F1KU, NEOFRAG, niko, flameZ

Group B

FaZe Clan are a standout team in Group B, having won the ESL Pro League Season 17 this year and the Intel Grab Slam award. Cloud9 claimed 4th place at IEM Rio 2023 and will want to improve their performance in IEM Dallas 2023.

  • Astralis (European Qualifier) - Buzz, Altekz, dev1ce, gla1ve, blameF
  • Cloud9 (European Qualifier) - buster, sh1ro, Ax1Le, HObbit, nafany
  • Complexity Gaming (ESL Partner Team) - JT, FaNg, floppy, Grim, hallzerk
  • ENCE (ESL Partner Team) - Snappi, maden, dycha, SunPayus, NertZ
  • Evil Geniuses (Local Hero Invite) - Behze, autimatic, neaLaN, wiz, refrezh
  • FaZe Clan (ESL World Ranking) - rain, broky, Twistzz, karrigan, ropz
  • Grayhound Gaming (Oceanic Qualifier) - Sico, INS, AliStair, Liazz, Vexite
  • Team Liquid (ESL Partner Team) - EliGE, NAF, oSee, nitr0, YEKINDAR

IEM Dallas 2023: Where to watch

IEM Dallas 2023 will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas for the final two days, from June 2-4, at the Dreamhack Dallas festival. Tickets for the Dreamhack festival start from $35 for a single-day pass; get your tickets here before they sell out! Fans can witness the highs and lows of pro-Counter-Strike gameplay, watch music acts and experience the joys of the gaming expo - all with a single ticket!

For fans that can't make it to the event, all IEM Dallas 2023 matches will be streamed live on two different Twitch streams, marked as primary and secondary, for any matches occurring simultaneously, so you don't have to miss a second of the action!

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IEM Dallas 2023: Playoffs Schedule

Quarterfinals - June 2

  • 7:30 PM - Astralis Vs. MOUZ
  • 11:00 PM - G2 Vs. FaZe Clan

Semifinals - June 3

  • 5:30 PM - Heroic Vs. MOUZ
  • 9PM - ENCE Vs. FaZe Clan

Grand Final - June 4

  • 7PM - MOUZ Vs. ENCE

IEM Dallas 2023: Group Stage Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Group Stage of IEM Dallas 2023; future matches will be added as the results are decided. All times listed are in BST, and winners are in bold.

Group A

Upper Brackets Quarterfinals - May 29

  • 5PM - FURIA Vs. OG
  • 5PM - G2 Vs. Nouns
  • 6.15PM - Fnatic Vs. MOUZ
  • 6.15PM - Heroic Vs. 9z Team

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals - May 30

  • 10.45PM - FURIA Vs. Nouns
  • 1.30AM - 9z Team Vs. Fnatic

Upper Bracket Semifinals - May 30

  • G2 Vs. OG
  • Heroic Vs. MOUZ

Lower Bracket Semifinal - May 31

  • OG Vs. 9z Team

Lower Bracket Final - May 31

  • 8.30PM - MOUZ Vs. OG

Upper Bracket Final - May 31

  • 8.30PM - Heroic Vs. G2

Group B

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals - May 29

  • 7.30PM - FaZe Clan Vs. Evil Geniuses
  • 7.30PM - ENCE Vs. Complexity
  • 8.45PM - Cloud9 Vs. Grayhound
  • 8.45PM - Team Liquid Vs. Astralis

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals - May 30

  • 5PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. Complexity
  • 5PM - Team Liquid Vs. Grayhound

Upper Bracket Semifinals - May 30 - 31

  • 8.30PM - ENCE Vs. FaZe Clan
  • 12AM - Astralis Vs. Cloud9

Lower Bracket Semifinal - May 31

  • 5PM - Cloud9 Vs. Complexity
  • 5PM - FaZe Clan Vs. Team Liquid

Lower Bracket Final - June 1

  • 12AM - Cloud9 Vs. FaZe Clan

Upper Bracket Final - June 1

  • 12AM - ENCE Vs. Astralis

IEM Dallas 2023: Standings

  • 1st - ENCE ($100,000, 2,400 BLAST Premier Points, IEM Cologne 2023 qualification)
  • 2nd - MOUZ ($42,000, 1,200 BLAST Premier Points)
  • 3rd-4th - Heroic, FaZe Clan ($20,000 each, 750 BLAST Premier Points)
  • 5th-6th - Astralis, G2 Esports ($10,000 each, 225 BLAST Premier Points)
  • 7th-8th - OG, Cloud9 ($6,000 each, 225 BLAST Premier Points)
  • 9th-12th - 9z Team, FURIA Esports, Complexity, Team Liquid ($5,000 each)
  • 13th-16th - Fnatic, Nouns, Evil Geniuses, Grayhound Gaming ($4,000 each)

Final Thoughts

There's all the information we currently have on the IEM Dallas 2023, as 16 teams will race to grab the next title for IEM. Stay tuned as we update this article with match results, upcoming schedules, and the overall standings!